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I sort out Matan's help for some issues with depression, anxiety & stress that I just cannot get over with. It was the best decision I ever made - Matan is wonderfully gifted, a great listener and helped me to go to the root my issues. Matan is very professional. Thank you so much, Matan!


I work with Matan regarding my neck pain & blood pressure issue. I had my session with Matan and he helped me to feel really connected with my body. Since I've done the session with him, my headache disappeared and and I was so much in control. Matan is very caring and gentle in asking question and I'm very appreciative of him. Definitely recommend Matan, you are brilliant!


I have seen Matan for 3 hypnosis sessions. During the sessions I have truly began to internalize that I am in charge of my own destiny and if I want to be happy, I CAN be! Within the first hour of session with Matan, I began to let go of the trauma that I was holding on to. Matan's session has improved my quality of life 10x. I highly recommend seeing him!


If you are thinking about working with Matan - YES! You absolutely should! He is phenomenal. After my first session with Matan, I immediately felt the difference. I am more aware of myself & feel more confident, I barely have anxiety anymore! He really knows what he is doing, I trust him with my life! I was happier than I ever felt in my 20 years of life. You will not regret working with Matan!


Through the sessions, Matan and I figured out how to get away from one behavior that I resented. All it took from me was an intention and a desire to be honest. I felt in control at all times and Matan guided me through each session with respect and attention. Months after the sessions, I am still not drinking and I still know and understand why.


Matan is very gifted and calming. Helped me get to the root of my problem quickly. He is a great calming presence to be around. Very easy to talk to. Very trustworthy.


Matan is a fantastic hypnotherapist! He has such a calm, bright, reassuring energy I truly enjoyed each session that I’ve had with him. I don’t know how he does it, but his technique is incredibly effective! I’ve gotten so much clarity and healing, I’m so grateful!


Doing hypnotherapy with Matan changed my life! I was referred to him by my therapist to get past a few deep fears I had based on past traumatic events. I truly thought I would would have to live in fear forever and I didn't see a way out. After one session with Matan I felt free of fear, like my life could begin. He cleared that energy and made space for me to live the live I've dreamed of. It was the best investment in myself and I cannot recommend it enough! I feel like I am finally living in my truth without shame and it feels amazing. Thank you Matan!


Matan has helped me in so many ways over the years. The aches and pains in life were well addressed by him in his physical attention to my compromised body. Later he really aided me to quit smoking with hypnosis. Its been about a full year not a single puff. I have referred many friends and family, all had very positive experiences. I would highly recommend Matan!!


Matan is an amazing mentor and instructor. He has immense knowledge and deep understanding of the human mind and soul. His classes are a fountain of health, peace and sanity in this hectic reality. He made me a healthier person in all aspects. I personally believe in his healing powers and have seen the results of his work. Therefore, I send many professional players whom I operate and treat for rehab in his studio.


Head Physician U21 National Soccer Team

Matan is an excellent teacher. He has a good understanding of the mind body connection. He has helped me become more centered, and get in touch with how I hold tension in different parts of my body. He is very hands on and practical and his techniques, that I practice for a few minutes each day, makes a big difference in my ability to move freely without pain and think more clearly and function more productively.


Matan is one of the most intelligent and intuitive teachers I know. His teaching is rooted in a deep understanding of physiology and alignment and his sequencing speaks to the mind, body and interplay between them. I think perhaps his greatest gift as a teacher is his willingness to look at the world and his work with fresh eyes and a keen desire always to learn and grow himself. His classes are a welcome change from the more formulaic yoga and Pilates classes in the area. You will feel uplifted by both his presence and his practice.


I have known Matan as a yoga instructor who was fun, fantastic and inspiring. Since he opened his studio, I have worked with him weekly. He has given me careful attention and I've learned a great deal about my body through movement - his area of expertise.

I'm challenged, guided and supported each week with a great variety of Yoga and Pilate acivities. He has given me a new awareness and keeps me moving smoothly through time and space


I have been lucky enough to take private and group Yoga and Pilates classes with Matan. His attention to detail and in depth knowledge of how the body works and how mind/body are connected made these experiences stand out. Having someone with this level of training and experience felt particularly crucial when I was pregnant and recently post-partum and wanting to make sure my exercises would not cause any harm.


There are many wonderful things to say about Matan but the top three that come to mind immediately are patient, mindful and playful. I have studied yoga, pilates and mindfulness with Matan over the span of the last 10 years or so and he has helped me develop my confidence in my own practice, in shifting my mindset around taking things too seriously and encouraging me to gently step out of my comfort zone again and again through his unique way of teaching and leading by example.