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People who know Matan professionally & personally would agree that his name is synonymous with dedication, playfulness, creativity, compassion and honesty. Over the past 20 years and in over 20,000 sessions, Matan has helped others master their inner dimension through many modalities including hypnosis, therapeutic movement, yoga, pilates, meditation, breath, qigong, and wellness & transformation coaching.


I used to live within a very narrow trajectory. When life had a different plan for me I suffered from the same old cycle; excitement, anxiety, depression. I finished college with a Degree in Finance in 2008, entering into the worst financial crisis of our generation. I was able to get a job immediately, but I hated it so much that I fantasized about getting hit by a truck on the way to work. What I really wanted was to be able to provide for my family and hopefully not lose myself in the process. I was so deeply convinced of my perceived limitations that I just went through the motions, too numb to even think about change.


After my wife gave birth to our first daughter, I finally left the job I hated and became a stay at home dad. The amount of presence, patience and care needed for this new gig got me back into my yoga practice. Becoming a parent crystallized what I value above all else - connection. My life’s work became about helping people connect with each other and with themselves by overcoming their own perceived limitations. Fortunately, it was not only about me.

In my studies I saw that Somatic (BodyMind) work can fall into the same stale patterns of any career to follow others, to do it from the head and follow formulas. I tried that, and felt empty quickly. I started to map another way that asked much more of me. I had to connect with who I AM, my own body, my own mind, my own heart, feeling and being everything. I had questions I didn’t find answered in the yoga world such as what are we doing with our energy, our biomechanics, and how do all these things people call ‘spirituality’ fit into daily life? About 10 years ago I embarked on an educational walkabout - which included questioning everything I had been taught. I started practicing Pilates, Qigong, different styles of meditation and other movement and healing modalities. When I stopped traveling the old path of following others for the sake of validation, I experienced life as a whole instead of a projected reality. Uncovering one misconception led me to uncover others, which allowed me to live with a newfound sense of freedom that I hadn’t experienced before.  


Until a near death experience shook me to my core. It all came into focus for me - facing mortality was nothing like I had pictured. It left me completely traumatized. My days were filled with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, migraines, and other pains. It took me nine months until I felt safe enough to stay alone with my daughters. Even with my training I did not have the tools to move out of that place. Out of necessity I learned how stress & trauma are stored in our bodies, and how energy medicine, shadow work, inner child work, and working with the unconscious mind (hypnosis) could relieve my pain. I had to go into my wounds from childhood, military service, toxic masculinity, and face my PTSD. I look at this period as my most intensive apprenticeship and training.

With who? Me. Was it easy? No way. However, I do feel like the phoenix rising from the ashes after being in touch with every place within me. This further clarified the intention in my work. It is a journey to transform the predominantly mental way most people function into something tangible, vibrating and alive.

“The journey of true discovery, lies not in finding new lands, but in looking through new eyes.”




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