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Use my 20+ years of experience in the fields of wellness, movement therapy, trauma & stress, mindfulness, energy medicine, hypnotherapy, coaching, and fitness to transform your life or your organization. 

Past group presentations:

  • Body Mind Optimization (biohacking) 101

  • Get out of Survival - How stress is managing our life, and the first step.

  • Longevity - The Movement Perspective.

  • How to spend more in FLOW.

  • What Do You Really Want - Love


Matan works with professional athletes, top level executives, and others who are interested in embodying the truth that the key to fulfilling life is not being good, being the best or having more. It actually comes from living in a place where you are 100% yourself (you might need a breakthrough session to experience that) and from there committing to walking your own path that will lead you to your own truth.